Allergic? Not with Latex Free Condoms

Allergic? Not with Latex Free Condoms

Posted by Kenny Condom on Apr 26, 2017

If you are allergic to latex, a standard condom isn’t going to work for you. Luckily, we carry SKYN latex free condoms by Ansell. SKYN latex free condoms are a second generation latex free condom made with a material called polyisoprene, first introduced to the market in 2008. The material is made from the sap of a tree called the hevea tree.

Skyn latex free condoms are as strong and safe as regular condoms, but can be used by those with allergies to latex. They are just as effective at preventing STI’s and unwanted pregnancies as latex condoms. They also provide a slightly different sensation that some like more than those of standard latex condoms.

Latex Free Condoms

There are some other benefits to latex free condoms made of polyisoprene. The material is strong and can be used to make a thinner condom. That is why SKYN latex free condoms are called “the next best thing to nothing.”

The material also transmits heat a bit more efficiently than latex does. That lets you and your partner feel the warmth between you better. An underrated benefit of non latex condoms is that they don’t smell or taste like latex. This can be crucial if your partner has a sensitive nose or mouth.

Everyone is different and everyone experiences sex differently. For those with allergies to latex, latex free condoms are the only way they can have protection. But some who aren’t even allergic like the feel of latex free condoms better than standard latex.

Also, oil based lubricants aren’t safe for latex condoms, but they are safe for latex free condoms. Those of you who like various oils may prefer latex free condoms over standard latex condoms.

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