Add Condoms to Your Survival Kit

Add Condoms to Your Survival Kit

Posted by Kenny Condom on Aug 27, 2015

Do you have a survival kit for the outback? Last month, we wrote a piece on alternate uses for condoms. There are even more uses if you are stuck outdoors in the wild for a few weeks. If you are going hunting or fishing for more than a day or two or you are going “off the grid” for a few days, here are some great uses for condoms.

Survival Kit

Protect Your Gun Barrels

Condoms can be put over gun barrels to protect them from being fouled by sediment. They also are great at keeping moisture out if it rains. Best of all, you don’t even have to remove them to fire your gun.

Catch Fish

A partially inflated condom makes a great bobber for fishing, especially if you don’t have a rod or reel and you are using survival kit fishing line. In Cuba, condoms are common among fishermen who use them on handmade fishing lines in the ocean.

Emergency Floatation

You can blow up one or more condoms and make an ad hoc floatation device. Condoms appear fragile, but they can be inflated to sizes much larger than you would imagine. There is a story going around that an inebriated woman who fell off of a cruise ship had a pack of condoms on her. She reportedly made them into a life raft and survived for three days until someone found her. We can’t verify this story, but it has certainly made the rounds and is within the realm of possibility.


One condom makes a very effective tourniquet in case you cut yourself badly and need to cut off the flow of blood. Tie it off above the wound and try to seal it with a needle and thread, which will also be in your kit.


A condom turned into a slingshot may help you kill food you need to survive.

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