450,000 Condoms for Olympic Athletes in Rio? Let the Games Begin…

450,000 Condoms for Olympic Athletes in Rio? Let the Games Begin…

Posted by Kenny Condom on Jul 06, 2016

As a premier provider of condoms online in Australia, we like to check out the news for stories about condoms. Sometimes they are entertaining; sometimes they are educational.

For the 2016 Olympics in Rio, 450,000 condoms will be provided for athletes. 100,000 will be female condoms, available for the first time. There will also be 175,000 packs of lubricants.

Condoms for Athletes in 2016 Olympics in Rio

There are roughly 10,000 athletes slated to compete in the Olympics this year. The math is easy: that means there are roughly 45 condoms for each athlete over a 16 day period. That is roughly three a day for each athlete. If athletes pair off with other athletes, especially male to female, each act only uses one condom, allowing athletes to have sex as many as six times a day.

We know Olympic athletes are the best of the best. They are young, strong and in their prime. We know that Rio is a place where people go to honeymoon. But that is a lot of sex and a lot of condoms.

So, how does this compare to other Olympics. Have they always been this great? Let’s check it out.

Condoms at the Olympics

The 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics were the first ones we know of where condoms were supplied to athletes. Remember that this was the first Olympics in the beginning of the AIDS era. At that time, HIV always led to AIDS and was always fatal. Modern medicine has enabled people who obtain the HIV virus to live for a long time and not contract AIDS but remember it wasn’t always like that. During that period, there wasn’t nearly as much casual sex as there is now.

Here is a quick bullet chart of how many condoms have gone to each Olympic Games since 1988.

1992 Winter: 30,000

1992 Summer: 90,000

1994 Winter: 40,000

1996 Summer: 15,000

1998 Winter: 36,000

2000 Summer (Sydney): 90,000

2002 Winter: 100,000

2004 Summer: 130,000

2008 Summer: 100,000

2010 Winter: 100,000

2012 Summer: 150,000

2014 Winter: 100,000

2016 Summer: 450,000

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