10 Hot Tips to Seduce Your Partner

10 Hot Tips to Seduce Your Partner

Posted by Lexi Abner on Jun 20, 2018

You've found your dream girl/man and are in a happy, stable relationship. Even though it’s been a while since you both got together, everything is as amazing as it was at the very beginning... or almost everything? If you feel your sex life needs spicing up, you can try some of these tips to bring more fire to your bedroom (or elsewhere):

For him:

1. Show her that you want her

Meeting up for a coffee after work? Don’t be too shy to "accidentally on purpose" touch her ass as you greet and kiss. You'll leave her no doubts she’s still driving you crazy and your #1 and only.

2. Cook dinner

Nothing is as hot as a man cooking her favourite meal - and doing the dishes afterwards. Light up some candles, serve the dinner with a glass of wine.Okay, don't fret about the dishes; there's a good chance dessert will be served in bed.

3. Sexy massage

It doesn’t matter whether she's had a long, stressful day or not - a relaxing massage will show you care. Rose or lavender body oil will do magic, especially if you start with the back or feet and work your way up...

4. Romantic getaway

Plan a weekend trip for just the two of you to break free from every day life. Spending time together in a new environment and going on adventures is romantic, plus it will give you an opportunity to focus on your relationship.

5. Be the man

Take action and tie her up! So many things you can do that she’s going to love! Experiment with food, ice or candle wax... Just don’t be too rough - unless you know that’s how she likes it.

10 hot tips to seduce your partner

For her:

1. Red is the way to go

Representing love, sex and desire, it's a well-known fact that red attracts men (and women). Wear a bright red lipstick, or put on a short red dress and he won’t be able to take his eyes (or hands) off you.


Sexy lingerie is not just for special occasions. Open the door wearing a corset, short skirt and fishnet stockings. Just make sure it's not the courier on the other side.

3.Naughty text

Surprise your man with a dirty text. Share one of your fantasies or tell him what you would like to do to him. If you’re feeling adventurous, a quick picture of your lace bra will ensure that he won’t want to watch TV or sit on X-box tonight!

4.Shower surprise

Join your partner in the shower or bath when he least expects it. If you really want to provoke him, jump in the water wearing a white cropped top.


Yes, a good old striptease never goes out of fashion. Choose the best music, the right outfit and get to work!

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