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Oral Dams

Most men and women do not understand the risk they may be exposing themselves to when engaging in unprotected oral sex.  SHEER GLYDE oral dams (sometimes called dental dams) are a silky thin 25cm x 15 cm (10 inches x 6 inches) barrier latex sheet.  Made from silky material that’s smooth to the touch, SHEER Oral Dams give you all the protection without the loss of intimacy.

SHEER Dams are made from natural latex, and come in an exciting range of flavours and colours.  Vanilla, Strawberry, Wildberry and our most popular Black/Cola, SHEER GLYDE Dams are full flavoured and perfect for safe, protected pleasure.

Please Note: SHEER GLYDE dams contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some people.  Always read the Label.  Use only as directed.